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  • Nabihah Maqbool finishes putting her headscarf on in the morning, fastening a pin to hold it in place. Muslim women who choose to wear Hijab are called “Hijabi.” Nabihah has been a Hijabi for the past two years and doesn’t foresee a time in the future where this will change.

  • Nabihah looks for a song on her Ipod as she prepares to go for a morning run. “I like to listen to slow music when I run,” Nabihah says.

  • Nabihah gives a presentation to a class from Stephens College about women who choose to wear the Hijab. As a speaker for the Muslim Speakers Bureau of Columbia, Nabihah often presents to classes and other organizations around Central Missouri.

  • Nabihah sets up the prayer mats for her and Arwa to do their nightly prayer.

  • After prayer, Nabihah and Arwa laugh over the fact that Nabihah’s family in St. Louis had recently discovered that they had been praying in the wrong direction in their house. Muslims are required to face the holy city of Mecca when they pray.

  • Nabihah prays on the women’s side of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri for one of the five times of prayer required of Muslims throughout the day.

This photo story is about Nabihah Maqbool, a young American Muslim who is a graduate student at the University of Missouri. Nabihah is an active member of her community and chooses to wear the Hijab as a sign of her faith. She also wears it to break down stereotypes that many people commonly associate with Muslim women.